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Wild Oak Creatives was founded with one simple purpose—helping businesses reach their greatest success through creative marketing. After growing up with an entrepreneurial father and several years working with start-ups and small businesses, owner Dez Joslin realized the deep need for marketing support in small to medium sized businesses. Many small businesses are struggling to keep up with the day to day activities let alone develop and run a successful marketing plan. But to stay afloat in today’s ever-changing market, this is what’s needed. According to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, over 97.6% of America's 24.8 million firms are small to medium sized businesses (less than 500 employees). Running a business is hard work no matter the size! We know—we’re a small business too! But without the resources for a full-fledged marketing team, it can feel like an impossible feat. About 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and about 50% of them fail in their fifth year. We think these numbers are unacceptable.


Specializing in marketing consulting, marketing strategy, branding, and video services, our team is here to ensure you beat those statistics.  Our approach is consultative in nature because we view our clients as partners, not just a business transaction. Taking the time to truly know you and your team is a vital part of our process. Every company is unique, so we customize our services based on your goals and budget. Our success is based on your success. It’s a magical equation. YOU WIN = WE WIN!


Dez has an exceptional eye for marketing and design. She can take something technical and make it palatable for the layperson by creating a story. She listens carefully to create exactly what you want but couldn’t imagine. High praises for Dez!
- Nicole Zolnowski, Owner | My Real Estate Transaction


Dez was drawn to the impact of marketing from a young age. While others watched TV for the shows themselves, she was more interested in the commercials others tried to avoid. She spent countless hours dissecting the psychology of why one ad made her deeply connect to a brand while another left a bad taste in her mouth. As she got older, there was no doubt her career would develop in marketing. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in business with a marketing concentration, Dez swiftly jumped into her first marketing role working with medical practices. It was here she quickly realized marketing was much more than putting creative ads together. And its ever-changing climate is what keeps her on her toes today!

Since then, Dez has expanded her portfolio to include a diverse range of clients and industries. Her reputation is built on significantly increasing new revenue and brand awareness through creative marketing. Some of her clients have seen up to a 200% growth in as little as 2 years. Dez is passionate about building strong brands through storytelling. She believes in the end, consumers want to connect with the brands they purchase from, and the best way to accomplish that is with a well-rounded, creative marketing plan. 

Dez has a thirst for adventure and endeavors to live life to its fullest. It's common to find her doing anything from hiking up mountainsides to jumping out of airplanes. The same zeal she has for life she has for her work. She loves casting vision and encourages the people around her to become the best version of themselves—and have FUN while doing it!

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